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Fiberglass  (All Dimensions are Length X Width X Height)

These modern, durable planters are made of 100% fiberglass. They are extremely lightweight and meet all weight restrictions for NYC rooftop gardens. Planter resource works directly with factories overseas and designs exclusive sizes and shapes. Because we carry a large inventory we are able to supply all of our customer needs. These fiberglass planters are frost resistant. Drainage holes can be drilled upon request.


Tall Straight Sided Rectangle

Fiberglass Straight Sided Square

Fiberglass Straight Sided Rectangle

Tall Tapered Square

Tall Tapered Square

Tall Tapered Round

Straight Sided Tall Square

U-Shape Pot

Egg Pot

True Stone Square

True Stone Rectangle

Estate Planter Rectangle

Estate Planter Cube

High Gloss Fiberglass

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