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Fiberglass  (All Dimensions are Length X Width X Height)

These modern, durable planters are made of 100% fiberglass. They are extremely lightweight and meet all weight restrictions for NYC rooftop gardens. Planter resource works directly with factories overseas and designs exclusive sizes and shapes. Because we carry a large inventory we are able to supply all of our customer needs. These fiberglass planters are frost resistant. Drainage holes can be drilled upon request.

Straight Sided Cubes & Rectangles


Tall Straight Sided Rectangle

Fiberglass Straight Sided Square

Fiberglass Straight Sided Rectangle

Tall Tapered Square

True Stone Square

True Stone Rectangle

Round Pots

Egg Pot

U-Shape Pot


Tall Pots

Tall Tapered Square

Tall Tapered Round

Straight Sided Tall Square

Tall U-Shape

Natural Wood - "New For 2018"

Window Box

Tapered Square



U Shape Pot

High Gloss Fiberglass

Estate Planters

Estate Planter Rectangle

Estate Planter Cube

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