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Step Up Your Space With Glass

Display your favorite plants or decorative florals in our array of beautiful glassware pottery. The transparency of glass material is a great way to enjoy the ever-changing beauty of its internal contents. Individuals can put plants of all shapes and sizes into glassware pottery that ranges from small shot glasses to large terrariums.

We Give You Creative Control

Imagine the possibilities that you can personally design when including glassware pottery from Planter Resource. Our wide variety of glass pottery can elevate the decor or add to it flawlessly. Bringing glassware into your space, especially near a window, can draw light into the pottery and amplify the space’s look. Lean on us to provide the unique glass that you’re looking for to illuminate your favorite place.

Choose The Right Glassware For You

The glassware we have available at Planter Resource includes tall and short vases, bias bowls, and glass cubes and cylinders. The Ayre Vase has a fluted shape that comes in numerous sizes to bring a touch of classic elegance to any design. The Bias Bowl closely resembles a candy dish and can come with or without a glass stem. If a grand centerpiece is on your events radar, Planter Resource offers a clear glass cylinder, a white glass cylinder, and a tall cube plate. For something more unique, plated glass in varying lengths can accent any whimsical or highly styled space. We can assure you that adding glassware to any room will enhance its charm and beauty.

However, if you don’t have much room in your living space or just want to add some extra beauty into a dull room, we suggest including our glassware. By adding a glass terrarium, the glassware can enable you to keep a garden in a confined space. Now there can be no more slaving away over plants in the outdoors. The plants will stay safely in the container and will let you have an indoor garden to enjoy all day long.

The Benefits of Using Glassware

With the right kind of glass decor in your home, you may find that there are several advantages to incorporating it into your decorative style. Firstly, all contents within the glass will be changeable based on the different aesthetic you are going for in your personal space. Essentially, the glassware will act as a blank canvas to allow whatever goes inside of it to shine and tell the story. You will be able to see the flowers, rocks, plants, or other items that are inside of the clear glass.

There are a few other advantages of using glassware in your home or office, which include:

-The ability to grow plants that might not survive in different environments, like those with dry air, can be put into our glass pottery and easily be kept alive.

-The fact that glass is incredibly easy to clean and take care of allows for easy upkeep. Any dirt or grime is easily visible and can be taken care of quickly.

-The watertight nature of glass means there’s little to no chance for leaks unless the vase or bowl cracks during use.

-The capability of increasing light within a room. If there’s no light passing through the glass, adding a light next to it can enable a bright and inviting piece in your space.

-The stress-relieving properties of plants can help lower blood pressure and increase energy levels.

Contact Planter Resource Inc.

Here at Planter Resource, we are a significant supplier of plant accessories and pottery in the New York City area. We carry extensive selections of glassware, terracotta, and more that will meet your need for any type of pottery to elevate your home or office. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you in selecting the plant containers you need. Come on over to explore our large warehouse, friendly staff, and individual pottery selections. If you have any questions or would like to call before coming in, you can reach us at (212) 206-7687 or use our online contact form.

About Our Store

Planter Resource was established in 1994 in the NYC Flower Market and has been a customer staple ever since. Over the years, our business has grown into one of Pottery and Garden Supplies’ largest suppliers on the East Coast. Come check out our grand 60,000 sq ft fully stocked warehouse. Our business prides itself on our capability of same or next-day delivery throughout the five boroughs of New York.

Wholesale Glassware at Pottery King

Are you interested in purchasing wholesale glassware for your event designs and centerpieces? If so, please contact us Pottery King, our sister pottery location, at (631) 451-1254 or send an email to info@potteryking.com. At this location, Pottery King can take care of any significant pottery needs. At Pottery King, there are many options to choose from to ensure that everyone can covet the items they’re looking to find. Pottery King offers same-day local delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and the surrounding areas in New York. Delivery rates are dependent on the size of the order and location in the state. They are also capable of shipping by UPS and carrier truck freight. Shipping rates are dependent on package size, order size, and location.

Our dedicated team of pottery experts wants you to have incredible pottery available at your fingertips, which is why we’re available in all facets. For online ordering, please use our contact form. You can also request a quote on your favorite pottery pieces today by shopping for our products online.