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Our collection of ceramic pottery creates timeless beauty for the interior house plant.

Ceramic pottery includes earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.

Ceramic refers to a nonorganic substance, like clay, that is molded, formed, and baked in high temperatures. Different types of ceramic pottery are named based on the materials they use and the temperatures they are heated to during the baking process.

Earthenware Ceramic

Earthenware ceramic pottery is made with clay and heated to the lowest temperature of the three varieties. This type of ceramic is the most porous and allows for a small amount of airflow through the vessel. This is a great choice for plants as they need air in order to thrive. Because it is made of clay, however, earthenware is the most brittle type of ceramic, so it must be treated with care. In order to prevent water from soaking into the earthenware, it is often glazed on the outside. Glazing puts a hard coating on the pot that adds beauty and protects the surface.

Stonewear Ceramic

Stoneware is also made from clay, but it is baked at a higher temperature than earthenware. It is also important to choose the right type of clay that will handle the high heat. This produces a stronger type of ceramic and, as the name suggests, has a more stone-like quality to it. Stoneware, unlike unglazed earthenware, is waterproof and does not require glazing. Glazing is only needed for decoration.

Porcelain Ceramic

Porcelain is made from refined clay, mixed with different minerals, and is baked at the highest temperatures. This produces a very hard ceramic with a white, glossy coating. China produced the earliest forms of porcelain. This is why porcelain is often referred to as “fine china”.

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