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Handmade Bourbon Clay

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Handmade Bourbon Clay Pots

Clay pots are a beautiful addition as they can match numerous aesthetics within a small office space or room in a house. The rich brown tones are blended in with the lighter clay color of our Handmade Bourbon Clay pots. The blend of bourbon and natural clay tones in these pottery pieces creates an old-world feel. Clay is the perfect material for a small room, home garden, or small office space with a classical look.

Although the Handmade Bourbon Clay pots have an old-world feel, they can highlight a modern design or be accent pieces for an eclectic design. The old-world look of our Handmade Bourbon Clay pots gives a small office space or home garden warm and inviting surroundings for guests or clients.

Benefits of Clay Pots

There are numerous benefits to using clay pots. Three of the many benefits of clay pots are:

  • Healthy for the environment.
  • Help regulate the temperature of plants.
  • Clay pots are budget-friendly.

Good For The Environment

Clay pots are good for the environment. Clay will not contaminate the soil as clay is made from natural sources. Simple clay pots tend to cost less than concrete or plastic planters since they are crafted from natural sources and do not need complex machinery to make.

In addition, clay pottery pieces provide needed nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and sulfur to plants. As a result of these minerals, one may see white build-up on their clay pots. The clay material allows excess calcium and other nutrients to pass through the clay pot inside the pot’s outside surface.

Good For Plants

Also, there is no need to worry about overwatering plants in a home garden using our Handmade Bourbon Clay pots. Since clay is absorbent, the clay allows excess water to flow through, making it challenging to overwater plants. In a home garden or a small office space, having plants and planters that require little upkeep is an additional bonus that clay pots can provide. Plants that work perfectly with clay pots include cacti, succulents, or other plants that require less water. Thus, keeping the home garden in top-notch condition with little effort required.

Moreover, clay pots assist in regulating plant temperatures. Clay slows down the transfer of heat between soil and the climate. In addition to clay pots being sturdier than plastic planters, clay pots are thicker. The clay’s thickness acts as an insulator to provide plants with the required optimal ambient atmosphere.

Good For Budgets

Pots made from clay are heavier than their plastic counterparts and therefore more sturdy. The sturdy structure of our Handmade Bourbon Clay pots makes them an outstanding addition as decorative pieces in outdoor and indoor spaces as they are long-lasting. Since clay pots are durable, one can reduce how often they need to replace these clay pots. However, if a clay pot breaks, use the broken pieces as fillers underneath the soil in other clay pots or planters.

Available Handmade Bourbon Clay Pots

We have four styles of Handmade Bourbon Clay Pots:

  • Basket Weave
    • Sizes available:
      • 18″ x 12″
      • 14″ x 9″
      • 10″ x 7″
  • Garland Urn
    • Available in the following sizes:
      • 22″ x 26″
      • 17″ x 19″
      • 11″ x 13″
  • Low Urn
    • Size available:
      • 22″ x 18″
  • Swirl Urn
    • Available in the following sizes:
      • 21″ x 21″
      • 14″ x 18″

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