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Best Summer Plants

If you live in New York City, you may not have a backyard, but don't let that stop you from gardening! Urban gardening and indoor plants are excellent ways…

Planter Resource August 4, 2023

12 Plant Health Benefits of Cedar Planters

As gardening enthusiasts, we have all heard about the benefits of investing in good soil and watering your plants consistently. But did you know that the type…

Planter Resource July 28, 2023

How to Grow an Organic Herb Garden From Start to Finish

Growing your own organic herb garden can be an exciting activity and make your meals much more satisfying. Whether you live in an urban area or have a spacious…

Planter Resource July 14, 2023

Reasons to Love Terracotta Pots for Your Plants

As a gardening enthusiast, you know that there are countless options for selecting the perfect pot for your green babies. However, one type stands out in terms…

Planter Resource June 16, 2023

10 Steps for Organic Gardening Care

Organic gardening is becoming a popular way of life as people become more conscious of their health and the environment. Gardening can be a relaxing hobby but…

Planter Resource May 31, 2023

Why Adding Patio Garden Planters Improve Your Home/Apartment!

Patio garden planters are a great way to improve your home or apartment. You can add color, life, and personality to any outdoor living space by adding patio…

Planter Resource September 26, 2022
The Best Indoor Planters for Your Home

The Best Indoor Planters for Your Home

Do you love plants but don't have a lot of outdoor space to grow them? Or maybe you don't want to worry about your plants getting killed in the winter. Either…

Planter Resource June 17, 2022