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Fall Collection

If you’re looking for some great necessities to your fall decoration, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re about to have a grand party for dozens of fabulous guests, or you’re just wanting to add some new seasonal decor to your home, you’ll want to check out our options. We sell amazing plant resources for you at stunning prices.

In our Fall Collection, we sell branches. These are great materials to decorate with for any place. Consider them for decorating your fall table, alongside your other seasonal pieces. If you’re interested in a spooky look, be sure to look at our Ghostwood pieces. These would look great covered in decorative spiderwebs or settled next to pumpkins. Our Finger Cholla Branches are another great fall decorating option. If you so wish to spray paint them gold or silver for your holiday party, you can do so! It’s available in three heights: 2 ft., 3 ft., and 4 ft. These would look great during the holidays, however you can also spray paint them black and they’d look amazing during the fall celebrations, as well. Our branches make great fall decor for anyone. It is sure to bring together your fall interior.

We also have High Gloss Fiberglass available in our collection. These come in many different colors, shapes, and sizes. If you’re looking for a pot for your plant, and really want one that ties the whole fall look of the room together, consider trying one of these. If you’re interested in a nice red pot for your fall room, consider the Gloss Bordeaux, which would look great in the interior of your home. This pot also comes in Gloss White and Matte Black, which are also wonderful colors to have for your fall decor. Our U-Shaped pots are also amazing, they are wood finishes available in four different sizes. These are beautiful pieces for your potted plant(s), and they can look especially great in the fall. All of our pots are great, despite the season, but we hope you consider adding them into your seasonal decor.



Grapewood  18"  Sanded

Grapewood  18"  Sanded

Grapewood  18"  Natural


Ghostwood / Branchy / Sanded

Ghostwood / Branchy / Sanded

Available in 2 Ft,  3 Ft & 4 Ft Heights.

Perfect for the holidays. Spray them Silver or Gold for your holiday party.

Finger Cholla Branch

Drift Wood

High Gloss Fiberglass

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