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Choosing the right environment for your plants and flowers is important, regardless of if you are a master farmer or only run a low-effort garden. Our metal urns and vases’ finest qualities are that they both look good and are well-built.

Metal urns and vases are a great way to grow both beautiful flowers and vibrant green plants. With this, you can add a new element to your back patio, window, or living room. Our medal urns allow you to relax while you indulge in your hobby of gardening.

We can help you find the best metal planters for you and your clients’ needs! Call us at 212-206-7687 to talk to one of our planting experts today.

Metal Planters in New York City

If you’re tired of the standard pottery, consider trying out our metal options. These are great options for fancy events, although you could have them in your home if you wish. Metals are excellent choices for your plants, although make sure they still have their dirt and water necessities.

We have two urn options available, the Aluminum Montigo Urn and the Gold Urn. These urns are excellent and unique possibilities for your plant decorating. It’s best to keep plants that grow upwards in these urns, that way they grow happy and healthy.

Other metal options we have are the Milan Vase and the Dorado Bowl. These are also stunning pieces for your plant to reside in. The bowl is a great option for your centerpiece or on your side table. The vase is another great consideration, especially for plants that are growing straight upwards. Our features come in a variety of dimensions, check them out as you consider the options and call us if you have any questions.

Benefits of Gardening in Metal Containers

  • Metal urns and vases hold moisture well. This is ideal for some plants, but may not be the best idea for others. If needed, drain holes are easy to add.
  • They are portable. If you ever want to change up the look of your garden you will be happy to know that metal containers can be easily moved.
  • Metal containers come in all shapes and sizes, so it is likely that you can find what you are looking for.
  • Medal containers are lightweight when compared to other materials such as wood or ceramic.
  • They look great. The style of the metal container complements the wood and other materials that may be found in your garden.
  • They are durable, and will likely survive a long time. As the saying goes “It’s better to buy it nice than to buy it twice”.

When choosing from your metal options, it is best to do your research. It is important to pick a metal that won’t harm your plants. Cheaper metals rust quickly and can dent easily. If keeping your plant outside you need to make sure that the sun is not heating up the soil too much.