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If you are looking for a durable and beautiful urn to spice up your space, we have got you covered. Planter Resource and our team of urn experts can help you pick out the best urn for you. Visit us at the NYC Flower Market for more inventory and to see our inventory firsthand!

Urns often get a negative and depressing reputation, due to its most popular use as cremation ash holders. However, the shape of urns can be used for any purpose in any space. Fiberglass Urns provide a classic look in any setting. Whether it be a church, hotel lobby,  restaurant, wedding, or just outside your building or front door entrance. Fiberglass urns are timeless classics and will be sure to provide that “wow” factor you’re looking for. Make a memorable statement on a terrace, besides a doorway, or a front gate with any of our fiberglass urns. The urns that we sell here at Planter Resource are cast in quality fiberglass and reinforced designer resin with an exquisite faux antique stone finish.

Our selection of modern and long-lasting urns are made of 100% fiberglass, which makes them durable and practical while also looking great anywhere. Just as all the fiberglass products are here at Planter Resource, these fiberglass urns are very lightweight and meet all weight limitations for NYC rooftop gardens. Planter Resource works with high-quality factories abroad and plans selective sizes and shapes for all our consumers’ requests.

Because of our huge stock and customization, we can oblige the entirety of our clients needs. If you are looking for a specific type of fiberglass urn, call us today at 212-206-7687.

Why Choose A Fiberglass Urn?

Whether you want a fiberglass urn to honor a loved one or to put your flowers in, our urns are beneficial for a number of reasons. As previously mentioned, our urns are made out of fiberglass. Fiberglass is highly preferred as a choice of material with pottery as the material is quite lightweight, but is also extremely sturdy and able to withstand many different conditions. Fiberglass urns are quite easy to move rearrange in gardens, on patios, or on rooftops to change with the seasons or as desired. You can be sure with a lightweight fiberglass planter from Planter Resource that you are meeting all weight requirements set for New York City rooftop gardens, balconies, and terraces.

If you are one of the many customers that choose to decorate your outdoor space with any of your beautifully potted plants, you will also be one that wants to ensure the safety of your own pots. Fiberglass is a unique type of material, and this is why we choose to create our urns with fiberglass. Fiberglass is overall weather resistant, resistant to UV exposure, and most importantly, frost resistant. Fiberglass is strong enough to withstand the elements without succumbing to rust, cracking, losing its color, drying out, or shattering. Fiberglass durability allows you to leave any of your urns out in any type of weather. Whether it’s pouring rain, the harsh snow of New York City Winters, or the blazing sunny days of Summer, you can count on fiberglass to last throughout it all. However, we can’t speak for the plants inside though! Please remember to always research the limitations of your live plants and take them inside as necessary, depending on their breed.

Fiberglass Urn Treatments

Our urns are built to last season after season, allowing you to simply replant and reuse whenever desired without having to replace them. However, even though most are pre-drilled, adding extra drainage holes is always a good idea. More importantly, make sure your planters are up off the ground slightly, this will promote proper drainage. We recommend using our “Pot Risers” for this application. They are 2”x 2” rubber squares that go under each corner which will allow for proper drainage. This is a very important step in container gardening.

Types Of Fiberglass Urns

If you have a specific type of fiberglass urn in mind, chances are that we have it in stock here at Planter Resource! We currently provide three different types of Fiberglass Planters, which go by the following names: 

  • F2A Urn
  • F3A Urn
  • F3B Urn

These stunning pieces of urns are an artistic, grand-scale, architectural element. With lovely detail, they are similarly as great shown alone or loaded up with your lavish plants. They are more than 2 ft. tall, with select artful designs that flaunt the choice of artificial stone completion. Imagine a pair of our fiberglass urns flanking a doorway or a grand staircase. Our fiberglass urns are created with genuine fiberglass, and are reinforced with top notch designer touches, just as each piece is separately created by high quality craftsmen. Consider our urns, as they are perfect for your home or garden.

Urns in New York City

At Planter Resource, we specialize in finding the perfect planter for you or your business’s needs. Browse through our selection of fiberglass planter shapes and designs and find the perfect planter for you.

Look no further than Planter Resource for the highest quality urns in the city! We are located in the iconic NYC Flower Market on 150 West 28th Street. If you want to learn more about our selection of fiberglass urns, visit us today or call us at 212-206-7687 to talk with one of our pottery experts. We look forward to answering any question you may have regarding our fiberglass urn pottery selection.