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Garden Pottery

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  • Fiberstone

    If you are looking for a durable outdoor solution to your potted plant, consider our lightweight cement planter options. Dressed to look like cement, they are made from a resin polymer material. Resin is a composite blend of polymer similar to plastic, but with the durability of true cement. It is composed of an inner core, followed by a protective layer of thick polyurethane, and a textured outer shell. These components all come from recycled materials, so you can count on these planters as an eco friendly option for your home or garden.

    Resin planters are durable, resilient, and surprisingly lightweight. Unlike regular planters, resin planters will not swell and contract with the seasons. When temperatures fluctuate, you can count on these planters to retain their shape without cracks or compromises that would cause other planters to break down.You can also count on these planters to not corrode or lose their color in the rain, snow or sun. Their lightweight design and durability allows for easy moving, and the ability to transfer plants with the changing seasons – they are otherwise completely maintenance free.

    Browse our selection of lightweight cement resin products below. Choose from the small and compact egg planters for your tight spaces, or choose one of our larger rectangle designs or tapered squares to make a statement in the center of your garden.


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  • Cedar Planters

    If you are looking for a natural outdoor look, look no further than our selection of cedar wood planters. These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable. Surprisingly, our cedar material options are highly resilient, and quite capable of withstanding the elements. Cedar is a naturally durable wood. The tree itself is resistant to rotting and is not susceptible to insects, making it an excellent material to build planters with. Cedar is also capable of absorbing moisture from the soil inside, so it is an ideal choice for a healthy, natural looking garden. This material provides great versatility and will combine and complement other components in your garden like seating and trellises easily.

    Cedar is considered an eco-friendly choice. Cedar wood is a fast growing resource, and produces little waste when it is harvested. Once it is harvested, the entire tree can be used including its roots and its bark.

    Choose from our square shaped or rectangle shaped cedar wood planters. Depending on your design and florals in mind, you will need more area to plant. Cedar is a great material to raise plants in for longevity and protection from the sun. Upon your request, we also offer custom sizes. Browse our selection of cedar wooden planters below.

    These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable.
    Custom sizes available upon request.

    Cedar Planters

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  • Outdoor Glazed Planters

    Outdoor Glazed Planters

    Outdoor Glazed Planters In NYC

    If you are looking for a lovely addition to the outside of your clients’ buildings or businesses, consider the many choices of planters and pottery we offer here at Planter Resource, located in the famous New York City Flower Market. These pots are great for the outdoors because these first quality glazes are frost resistant, making it perfect during the freezing winter months. They are also great additions to container gardening. Our glazed pottery is imported from our international partners in a variety of trendy colors and finishes that make any business stand out from the crowd. No matter when or where your clients’ businesses are, you can make sure that they thrive using our beautiful and eye-catching outdoor decor such as our glazed planters. 

    Imagine one of these outdoor glazed planters on your clients’ terrace or outdoor dining patio. They would look lovely holding your beautiful plants at every season of the year. Plus, because we have a vast collection of colors available, they definitely can match with your current outside furnishings for a consistent and beautiful aesthetic. Your plants and other decorations will be guaranteed to rest easy in one of our planters and look great, too. They can reside next to your outside cushions or perhaps fill up a corner of your clients’ terrace. What exactly are you waiting for? Consider our outdoor glazed planter selections for your plant’s new home today!

    What Makes Up a Glaze?

    Glazes are a form of glass specially designed to adhere to pots and other ceramic surfaces. When molten, this specialized glass is stiffer than glass that is poured or blown, like many typical glass decorations and finishes are. This is critical, because otherwise when brought up to temperature in the kiln, the glaze will spill off the vertical surfaces of the pots. This creates the gorgeous patterns you see on our outdoor glazed planters today. Our international partners create each planter and planter glaze design by hand. 

    Colors In Glaze

    Glazes come in a wide variety of colors, originating from minerals and inorganic compounds. Iron oxides, cobalt oxide, chromium oxide, copper oxide, and copper carbonate are the most widely used colorants.

    The firing process may also affect the color of a glaze. If there is plenty of oxygen in the atmosphere in the kiln it is considered an oxidation fire. If there is very little oxygen in the atmosphere, this is called a reduction shot. The level of oxygen in the kiln will cause a dramatic difference in the color of a glaze. For example, if fired in an oxidation atmosphere, a simple glaze using copper carbonate to color it would be turquoise or bright red if fired in a reduced atmosphere

    The Opacity of Outdoor Glazed Planters

    Glazes vary from absolute clarity to total opaqueness. Most opaque or partly opaque glazes derive their influence from either tiny particles or bubbles of compressed air retained in the glaze. Often white glazes are translucent rather than a true colorant due to opacity.

    In an otherwise clear glaze, different minerals can cause opacity, but other characteristics such as surface and crystal development can also be achieved. Many of these minerals are known as glaze modifications.

    Types of Outdoor Glazed Planters

    When searching for the perfect planters for your home or restaurant, look no further than Planter Resource’s selection of beautiful pots and planters. We specialize in two different kinds of glazed pottery:

    • Blended Glaze Pots
      • Blended color-glazed pots are meant to catch your attention. The dramatic designs make your eye go directly to the pot, no matter what plants and flowers it contains. These posts are most commonly used in groups of three or more and serve as a focal point.
    • Solid Outdoor Glazed Pottery
      • Solid glazed pots are meant to match colors in the landscaping or architecture while not grabbing as much attention as a blended glazed pot would. These pots don’t make the scenery too busy, they are designed to blend in with the surroundings.

    Our selection page of beautiful outdoor glazed planters features pots of all shapes, sizes, and colors. If your business or home has a certain aesthetic, Planter Resource will have the right planters just for you and your clientele. 

    Outdoor Dining and Glazed Planters

    With outside dining on the rise, these planters will be great for any outdoor dining space. Your clients will fall in love with these elegant and eye-catching designs! It is important for your clients to have the most beautiful outdoor decor and pots, especially in such an incredible place of luxury and fashion like New York City. 

    Learn More About Us

    Planter Resource was Established in 1994 and has been a staple in the NYC Flower Market ever since. Over the years we have grown to be one of the largest suppliers of Pottery and Garden Supplies on the East Coast.

    With our 60,000 sq ft fully stocked warehouse minutes away, we pride ourselves in same or next day delivery throughout the five boroughs.

    Contact Us

    Are you ready to elevate your outdoor dining to the next level? Call Planter Resource at 212-206-7687 or stop by our store at 150 West 28th Street for more information!

    Outdoor Glazed Planters

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  • Durastone

    Lightweight and Durable

    Made out of Polyethylene Resin, these planters reproduce perfectly the color, texture, and appearance of traditional garden products, but without the weight. They will not chip, crack or fade when exposed to environmental conditions. The perfect lightweight container that will survive the test of time.


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Does Your Garden Pottery Need Drainage?
Yes! We will always recommend the selection of drainage planters and pots, especially if you are testing the water in your watering capacity. It’s absolutely possible to render planters with a little finesse without drainage. It’s best to try to pour no more than 1/3 of the bottle capacity into the bowl. You may also line the bottom of the planter with lava rocks or anything close to create crevices for excess water to flow into. These methods will definitely help to reduce the chances of root rot.

What About Planter Size?
When we speak about plants, we sometimes refer to them in sizes or inches. This does not apply to the planter at all, but refers to the diameter of the planter pot in which it is grown. For example, a 4 “plant refers to a plant growing in a 4” diameter pot, regardless of the size of the plant — it comes in a 4 “high x 4” wide pot. These measuring criteria is used to manage variation of height and plant forms. A cactus that fits into a 4 “pot can be 1″ or 1 ft. tall. When choosing a pot, choose a pot that is 1-2″ larger than the current pot size if the plant is currently in a 10” pot or smaller. If your current pot size is >10”, choose a pot that is 2-3” larger in diameter.

Should You Repot?
Yes! It’s always a little fun to get dirty and, most importantly, it’s good for your plant. When you buy a new plant, it is possible that it has already overgrown. Overgrown plants look bright and new from the greenhouse, but without careful repotting, the plant would die in attempts to match the plastic jar you came in. Thus, repotting your plant also gives it a fresh potting mixture to grow in. Not only will the plant be able to sustain its existing height, but it will also be able to grow bigger. Initially, repotting doesn’t always mean going up a pot size. Repotting could mean changing the old potting mixture that has degraded the nutrients.