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Cedar Planters

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If you are looking for a terrific planter for your outdoor space, consider one of our cedar planters here at Planter Resource! We offer a number of different cedar planters that are perfect for your needs.

Cedar Planters

We have a great selection of natural outdoor cedar wood planters. These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable. Surprisingly, our cedar material options are highly resilient and quite capable of withstanding the elements. Cedar is a naturally durable wood. The tree itself is resistant to rotting and is not susceptible to insects, making it an excellent material to build planters with. Cedar is also capable of absorbing moisture from the soil inside, so it is an ideal choice for a healthy, natural-looking garden. This material provides great versatility and will combine and complement other components in your gardens like seating and trellises easily.

If you are looking for a beautiful piece of pottery that is also great for the environment, look no further than one of our cedar planters. Cedar is considered an eco-friendly choice. Cedarwood is a fast growing resource and produces little waste when it is harvested. Once it is harvested, the entire tree can be used including its roots and its bark.

Are you interested in a cedar planter, but not sure which type or look you want? Choose from our wide selection of square shaped or rectangle shaped cedar wood planters. Depending on your design and florals in mind, you will need more area to plant. Cedar is a great material to raise plants for longevity and protection from the sun. Upon your request, we also offer custom sizes. Browse our selection of cedar wooden planters below.

Why choose Cedar Planters?

When you begin creating your own personal garden you need something that is going to be earthy. Something that gives you that satisfying feeling of not only being nice to look at, but isn’t an eyesore. The cedar planter is perfect for this. It can go anywhere you want in your home, backyard, place of work. Anywhere. Indoor. Outdoor. It’s all available to you.

If you’re shopping at Planter Resource then you must be looking for pottery that can be personalized to you. After all, this is going to be something that you buy for yourself. This also means that you are buying something that should fit your ideals.

Many people are going green these days and cedar planters are considered a renewable resource. In this way they are perfect for those of you that not only want an at home garden but something that you can feel good about with the environment. 

What we really love about cedar planters are:

  • Durability
  • Earthy design
  • Customizable
  • Perfect for any home
  • Square
  • Rectangle

Do not settle for just any cedar planter. Get the cedar planter that you yourself want. While we of course offer standard sizes as large as 48” we still offer custom sizes upon request. Create an entire garden of cedar planters. Nothing is stopping you but yourself!

Have any questions? Feel free to contact us and we will do our best to help you.

Why choose Planter Resource?

Planter Resource, residing in Manhattan’s Flower Market, is meant for the individual. Anyone can get pottery and anyone with a desire to have a green thumb should be able to create the garden they have always wanted. We are simply the suppliers of those desires, and we are more than happy to make those desires a reality.

We offer a wide variety of pottery: fiberglass, terracotta, indoor, outdoor, and more. All of it is high end and it looks incredible in any home or business. Planning an event such as a corporate party, a wedding, or just having a party? Need something to help decorate the evening? We do same day local delivery in New York City.

Our dedicated team of pottery experts want you to always have the option of incredible pottery and Planter Resource is available to you. If you have any questions about how you can start using your green thumb then go ahead and contact us.

Contact Us

Are you ready to start embracing pottery? Planter Resource wants to hear from you and you can get ahold of us at 212-206-7687 or email us at You can also use our online contact form. Want to just go ahead and start shopping now? Then browse right here online. We offer a large variety of options to you.

It’s time to get in touch with your green thumb. Planter Resource is one of the largest suppliers of pottery and garden supplies on the east coast and is available to you right here in New York City. We can’t wait to see you.

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These outdoor planters are 100% white cedar and are highly durable.
Custom sizes available upon request.