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Straight Sided Cubes

If you are looking to bring life into public or private spaces with plants, you shouldn’t overlook the importance and effect of a sturdy and sleek planter. Planter Resource located in New York City started in 1994 and have since become one of the largest and most reputable suppliers of pottery and garden supplies in NYC and the East Coast. If you are seeking quality pottery or planters, Planter Resource is the source for your needs. We also offer wholesale options for larger projects and properties. 

The right planter can bring harmony and beauty to your space. If you’re looking for a long-lasting planter that is both modern and timeless, then fiberglass straight sided cubes planters from Planter Resource in New York City are the perfect solution. These planters are low maintenance, lightweight, and highly customizable, making them perfect for designers, developers, and gardeners. If you’re searching for fiberglass straight sided cubes planters in New York City, Planter Resource is your go-to destination. Contact us to learn more about our products, or purchase your straight sided cubes planter today!

The Straight Sided Planter Appeal

At Planter Resource, we believe that the beauty of fiberglass straight-sided cubes planters lies in its ability to add a touch of contemporary style to any outdoor space. Whether you are a homeowner looking to spruce up your patio or a business owner looking to enhance your storefront, these planters will elevate the design of any area. The clean and minimalistic design of the straight-sided cubes means they are perfect for complementing modern architecture and landscape design.

Made from high-quality fiberglass material, these planters are more durable than traditional garden planters. They’re resistant to harsh weather conditions and can retain their aesthetic appeal over time, which makes them perfect for outdoor use. Also, they’re ideal for indoor use since they’re lightweight and easy to move around. Fiberglass straight-sided cubes planters offer a long-lasting solution for those who want to avoid the hassle of replacing planters frequently.


The straight-sided design of these planters is perfect for showcasing a variety of plant types. Whether you’re looking to grow small shrubs or large flowering plants, these planters are versatile enough to accommodate all your gardening needs. The simple design of the straight sides of the planters allows them to blend seamlessly with any landscape design or architecture. They can be placed in both indoor and outdoor locations, such as patios, gardens, rooftops, terraces, entryways, lobbies, and more. Wherever you place the straight sided cube planter, you’ll be sure to improve ambiance.

Fiberglass straight-sided cubes planters are perfect for a variety of plants including simple foliage, flowers, shrubs, bushes, or even small trees. With their clean lines and simple design, they can add depth and interest to any landscape. Whether you want to create a minimalist look or a more elaborate design, Planter Resource has the resources and expertise to help you achieve your decorative dreams.

Need a longer planter? We also carry straight sided rectangle planters

Low Maintenance

Another benefit of fiberglass straight-sided cube planters from Planter Resource is that they require minimal maintenance. Fiberglass material doesn’t rot, crack or splinter, so you don’t have to worry about water damage or pests. Also, our products require little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning and removal of dead plants. They’re ideal for those who want to keep their outdoor spaces looking great without having to put in hours of extra work.


Used as both decorative and functional pieces, these square planter boxes can either stand on their own or be attached to each other for a larger planter space. The straight sides ensure water does not get stuck inside the fiberglass pots, allowing them to dry easily after watering your plants or displaying them for everyone to see.

Our unique Fiberglass Cube Planters are ideal for patio displays, under decks and overhangs, in courtyards and lobbies, around pools or fountains. They can be used indoors or outdoors so you can enjoy your plants whenever you want to without worrying about them drying up due to direct sunlight or water not draining properly

Fiberglass Straight Sided Cubes from Planter Resource in New York City. These planters are the perfect addition to your landscape, whether for residential or commercial purposes. Planter Resource offers a same or next-day delivery to all five boroughs in New York City, making it easy for you to get the planters you need, when you need them.

Fiberglass Durability

Fiberglass straight-sided cubes planters are made from high-quality materials that make them resistant to extreme temperatures, fading, and cracking. They are also lightweight, making them perfect for outdoor use. Unlike their ceramic or concrete counterparts, fiberglass planters tend to last longer and require minimal maintenance.

These planters are made of high-quality fiberglass material which is water-resistant and can withstand extreme weather conditions. The material is lightweight, making it easy to move around, yet sturdy enough to keep your plants secure. The fiberglass material won’t rot, fade, or crack even when exposed to prolonged sunlight or harsh weather conditions. Fiberglass planters are a cost-effective alternative to traditional materials such as terracotta or stone, which can be heavy to move and expensive.

Range of Sizes

At Planter Resource, we offer a wide range of sizes to fit your design needs. We can even customize the planters to fit your specifications. The straight-sided cubes shape is ideal for creating a modern look that adds style to any outdoor or indoor area. Our planters range from 10″ to 48″ so there is a size for every space.

Unique Colors and Finishes

Our fiberglass straight-sided cube planters come in a range of sizes and colors, such as black, white, and gray. You can also request a custom finish to match your specific design needs at our New York City location. This customization option makes it possible for you to create a unique design that suits your style and needs. Our planters will elevate your space and reflect the personality you desire while adding a contemporary touch.

Fiberglass straight-sided cubes planters come in an array of colors and finishes from matte to glossy. These planters can be custom painted to blend harmoniously with any color scheme. If you have a large project, we can create a color sample and produce a range of sizes so that you get an exact match to your design vision.


Fiberglass straight-sided cubes planters are recyclable and environmentally friendly. Since they are made with materials that are made to last, they don’t need to be replaced as frequently as other types of planters. This makes them a smart choice for those looking for sustainable solutions.

The Planter Designed For Your Benefit

Fiberglass square cubes platers are versatile as these planters can suit any plant. Make plants the center of focus in indoor or outdoor spaces with these planters’ minimalist and modern design. Using smaller squared dimensions than the straight sided rectangle does, the straight sided cube is an excellent piece of décor for any setting. Test the limits of creativity with the layout of these cubed planters. Will the cubed pots be paired with exotic foliage or with lovely flowers? The possibilities are endless with these square planter boxes. 

The versatile design of the straight sided cubes is not the only benefit from these planters. A composite material of spun glass fibers held together with resin creates fiberglass planters. The fiberglass used as the material for these pots has a light weight and high durability. Fiberglass will withstand harsh weather that may damage pottery or plastic. These types of planters are incredibly long-lasting, lightweight, and durable. Plus, the coloring of fiberglass planters won’t fade from being in sunlight. 

There are many other benefits for selecting this type of planter, other than listed above, such as:

  • Indoor or outdoor useability
  • Minimalist design
  • Modern style
  • Neutral color palette
  • Various sizes

Pottery That Makes A Statement

Do you want your space to stand out? The wide range of sizing with our fiberglass straight sided cube planters allows them to fit into any corner of any indoor area or create a border for a beautiful outdoor space. Place these planters around a garden to create stunningly unique focal points or to partition sections of a garden from each other. These one of a kind pieces are sure to  be noticed by all who pass through your establishment!

Catering To Your Style

When it comes to pottery,  one size definitely does not fit all. Our provides the best options for your specific needs, from minimalist to modern. 

Regardless of where one places these fiberglass planters, they will consistently provide subtle visual support for the centerpieces within the room or outdoor space.

We offer a wide range of designs in our poly and fiberglass pottery collection which can be used to compliment any indoor or outdoor design. Browse through our décor collections below for the perfect look you have been searching for!

Planter Resource has an abundance in other styles and material as well. Be sure to check out our glassware, terracotta, and garden pottery!

Pottery In All Shapes And Sizes

Our fiberglass straight sided cube planters come in two styles that are available in various dimensions to fit any spatial or aesthetic needs. The two styles come in matte black, grey, or textured stone, granting flexibility in finding a planter to fit the specific needs of any area, indoor or outdoor, in terms of coloring and sizing. 

Wholesale Supply At Pottery King

In need of a larger pottery supply? If purchasing wholesale planters is of interest, please contact Pottery King, our sister pottery and planter location, at 631-451-1254 or send an email to info@potteryking.com. At this location, our team can take care of any significant pottery or planter needs. There are many pieces to choose from at this location in wholesale quantities that our team can deliver same-day local in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and surrounding areas.

Same-day delivery rates are dependent on the size of the order and location in the state. Shipping by UPS and carrier truck freight is also available. However, shipping rates are dependent on demand, package size, and location.

Contact Planter Resource

At Planter Resource, we specialize in finding the perfect planter for any individual or business needs. Try browsing through our selection of fiberglass straight sided planter shapes and designs to find the perfect design and aesthetic for any indoor or outdoor area. We invite all to explore our extensive warehouse of high-quality planters, knowledgeable staff, and various pottery options. No matter the need, our team has a product solution.

Planter Resource offers fiberglass straight-sided cube planters that are perfect for enhancing the aesthetics of outdoor and indoor spaces. These planters offer the ultimate solution for those who want to add a touch of modernity to their design. They are durable, customizable, and low-maintenance, making them an all-round ideal choice. Visit our New York City location and pick up a fiberglass straight-sided cubes planter today to elevate your design project. 

Our dedicated pottery experts want individuals to have incredible pottery available at their fingertips, which is why we’re available in all facets. For online ordering, please use our contact form. To request a quote on a favorite pottery piece or any questions about Planter Resource, contact us at 212-206-7687  to bring your vision to life!