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Ceramic Pottery Creates Timeless Beauty For House Plants

For many plants, moist soil and ceramic pottery are a superior choice to increase the plant’s life. Ceramic is a nonorganic substance, like clay, molded, formed, and baked in high temperatures. Different types of ceramic pottery are named based on their materials and their temperatures during the baking process. Our pottery available at Planter Resource includes earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain.

Choose The Right Ceramic For You

Our warehouse holds various ceramic glazed and unglazed styles, from cylinders to squares, tapered, and orchid pottery. One of our largest offerings online is the porcelain fish pot. This pot comes in black and white and is smooth to the touch. If you’re in the market for a smaller pottery piece for a plant, we offer cylinder and tapered round shapes in various glazed colors that are perfect for the protection of the root of the plants. Finally, we offer glazed square pots with or without holes for a Japanese-inspired orchid planter. The orchid pot comes in green, white, or rust colors.

Earthenware Ceramic

Earthenware ceramic pottery is made with clay and heated to the lowest temperature of the three varieties we supply. This type of ceramic pottery is very porous and allows for airflow through the vessel. The absorbent material makes earthenware an excellent choice for plants since they need ample air to thrive. Because this type of ceramic is composed of clay, earthenware is brittle and means that individuals should treat it with the utmost care. The pottery is often glazed to make the piece more sturdy so that water doesn’t soak into the earthenware. Glazing puts a hard coating on the pot that adds beauty and protects the surface.

Stoneware Ceramic

Much like earthenware, stoneware also is made up of clay. This type of pottery, however, is baked at a higher temperature than earthenware. Being baked under high heat will produce a more substantial ceramic and, as the name suggests, it will have a stone-like finish to it. Unlike unglazed earthenware, stoneware is entirely waterproof and does not require glazing. After firing, glazing can be added but often is done solely for decoration. If you love the look of earthenware but want added durability, stoneware is the perfect option.

Porcelain Ceramic

Just as with every type of ceramic, porcelain is crafted out of clay. However, this clay is refined and mixed with different minerals and baked at high temperatures. The product of this extreme heat is a very hard ceramic with a white, glossy coating. Porcelain pottery is less porous and doesn’t absorb as much water as earthenware and stoneware. One of the earliest forms of porcelain produced came from China, and, therefore, individuals may refer to porcelain as “fine china.”

Ceramics Can Benefit Your Plants

Purchasing ceramic pottery will provide style to your indoor and outdoor spaces and benefit the plants inside of them. The ceramic planters’ material is porous, which allows the roots of the plant to breathe and acts as a protection to the root by trapping in moisture and protecting the entire plant from temperature changes. The ceramics’ weight, depending on their shape and size, is often more durable than other pottery and therefore doesn’t fall over easily, keeping the plant intact.

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Planter Resource is a significant supplier of plant accessories and pottery in the New York City area. We carry extensive selections of pottery that will elevate both indoor and outdoor spaces. Our team will be happy to assist you in coveting the pottery of your dreams. Come on over to explore our large warehouse, knowledgeable staff, and individual pottery selections. Whatever your style, you can be sure we have what you need. If you have any questions or would like to call before coming in, you can reach us at (212) 206-7687.

Our dedicated pottery experts want you to have incredible pottery available at your fingertips, which is why we’re available in all facets. For online ordering, please use our contact form. You can also request a quote on your favorite pottery pieces today by shopping for our products online.

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Planter Resource was established in 1994 in the NYC Flower Market and has been a customer staple ever since. Our business has grown into the largest Pottery and Garden supplier on the East Coast over the years. Come check out our grand 60,000 sq ft. fully stocked warehouse.

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In need of a larger pottery supply? If you’re interested in purchasing wholesale ceramic pottery, please contact Pottery King, our sister pottery location, at (631) 451-1254 or send an email to At this location, Pottery King can take care of any significant pottery needs. At Pottery King, there are a plethora of pieces to choose from in wholesale quantities. Pottery King delivers same-day local delivery in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Long Island City, and surrounding areas. Same-day delivery rates are dependent on the size of the order and location in the state. Shipping by UPS and carrier truck freight is also available. However, shipping rates are dependent on order, package size, and location.