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Handmade Decorative Clay

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Handmade Decorative Clay Pots

Decorative clay pots are the perfect accent for any room. Clay pots can also be tremendously beneficial for the plants. They add essential nutrients to the plants like calcium, phosphorous, iron, magnesium, and sulfur. A significant benefit of using clay is it lasts a long time. They are timeless classics built to never really go out of style. They will stand the test of time. Don’t let that distract you from the fact that these pots are moderately heavy, which means they can be easy to transport and store, but you don’t have to worry about the wind taking them away. But there are a plethora of benefits to using decorative clay pots over your generic pot materials. Like regulating a reliable soil temperature for the plants themselves, believe it or not, that is an essential factor to your plants’ health. But because it’s a thick porous material, clay can naturally slow down the heat transfer between the soil and the environment. But clay pots also hold the sun’s warmth and dissipate heat through water vapor, tailoring more to the plants’ environmental needs. But we can’t overlook the fact clay pots as a whole are very ecological, so much so if one of them ever breaks, you can use them as fillers in other bots beneath the soil.

Bring Nature To Your Home

When looking around the New York City streets, it can feel like there’s just a little too much gray in the world. Those of us who enjoy color can find this frustrating, and one of the best ways to get a bit more color is by bringing it into the home.

Nature doesn’t have to be just an outside experience. Bringing a little bit of the outside indoors allows for the opportunity to feel like everything isn’t gray and dull. Add some color with a decorative plant inside one of our clay pots. The pot will perfectly match the aesthetic while avoiding some of the drab and boring styles that fill the city streets.

Everything sold here at Planter Resource is unique, rare, and high-end, making it the perfect design for both indoors and outdoors! Have an outdoor garden that needs some more flash to it? Use a decorative pot! Need something for the indoors? Our decorative clay pots make great pieces to spruce up the house! Put some planting inside to add a nice outdoor feel to your home or apartment.

Rare, Unique, Rustic

Everyone in the tri-state area comes to Planter Resource to purchase these handmade decorative clay pots. We offer rare pottery, and the handcrafted nature makes it incredibly unique. Shop around if you like, but you’re not going to find pottery like this anywhere else.

These can have any style you choose, but many of our customers like to go with a rustic look. It helps create an earthy vibe that fits the clay perfectly. It allows anyone seeking out a way to create a feeling of nature inside their home with this pottery.

You can be comfortable knowing that your purchase will be unique and different. The type of pottery you find at Planter Resource is hard to come by, and in many cases, will be entirely your own. 

Learn More About Us

Planter Resource was Established in 1994 and has been a staple in the NYC Flower Market ever since. Over the years, we have grown to be one of Pottery and Garden Supplies’ largest suppliers on the East Coast.

With our 60,000 sq ft fully stocked warehouse minutes away, we pride ourselves in same or next day delivery throughout the five boroughs.

Be unique. Be different. Purchase a handmade decorative clay pot from Planter Resource today. We want to hear from you, and you can get ahold of us at 212-206-7687 or email us at You can also use our online contact form. Want to go ahead and start shopping now? Then browse right here online. We offer a large variety of options for you.

Decorative Clay Pots In New York City

At Planter Resource, we specialize in finding the perfect planter for you or your business’s needs. Browse through our selection of decorative clay planter shapes and designs and find the perfect pot for you.

Look no further than Planter Resource for the highest quality urns in the city! We are located in the iconic NYC Flower Market on 150 West 28th Street. If you want to learn more about our selection of decorative clay pots, visit us today or call us at 212-206-7687 to talk with one of our pottery experts.

We look forward to answering any question you may have regarding our decorative clay pottery selection.

Check Out Pottery King

Does all this sound great, but you need something in bulk? Want to get it straight from the warehouse? Then check out Pottery King. Based in New York, just like Planter Resource, this is where the real landscapers and designers shop for high-end pottery.

If you require pottery to stock your inventory, design a space, or fill up a location like a hotel or a restaurant, then Pottery King is where you want to be. We are two sides of the same coin and offer the widest pottery variety in the tri-state area. Check us out to learn more.