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Glossy Black, Cognac, Blue, Glossy White

Set Of 3

Available In Sizes:

Item Size
Item # 2590 9″ (fits 8″ grow pot)
Item # 2590 11.5″ (fits 10″ grow pot)
Item # 2590 14.5″ (fits 12″ grow pot)
*Fits Grow Pots*


Have you been shopping for a new planter? Planter Resource has the perfect pot for your home! Please take a look at our cylinder fiberglass planters. These round planters are easy to fit into any space and come in unique colors, making it easy to go with any design. We have them available in matte black and white. What other colors do you need! When buying a planter, all you need is colorful plants, and your vision is complete. The cylinder makes decorating easy. 

The cylinder planter is available in two sizes, 16”x16” or 20”x20”—the perfect size for your entryway or right outside your front door. Our round planters are entirely maintenance-free. And the fiberglass gives them a nice shine. Not only are they lovely to look at, but they are also very durable for anywhere you decide to give your new round planters a home!