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Egg Pot

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Matte Black, White, Grey

Available In Sizes:

Item # R115412″ x 10″
Item # R115416″ x 14″
Item # R115420″ x 16″
Item # R115424″ x 20″
Item # R115427″ x 24″
Item # R115432″ x 27″


Planter Resource Inc. introduces the Egg Pot! 

Transform your outdoor space with the Egg Pot Fiberglass Planter! Handcrafted from high-quality fiberglass, this lightweight planter is designed to withstand any element while adding a unique design feature. Choose between three different sizes and five stylish color options. 

Find a style to fit any particular landscape or garden idea. Made from durable yet lightweight fiberglass, the Egg Pot makes for a perfect outdoor planter. Whether you’re a landscaper, developer, or contractor looking for a durable planter with a beautiful design to add to your outdoor space, the Egg Pot is the finest choice! Find wholesale prices only with Planter Resource! 

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