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F2A Urn

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Black, Grey, White

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Item # F2A 20″ x 24″


This F2A Urn Planter has a baroque and classical feel, perfect for transforming your office or lobby into an Italian villa. Inspired by the artisanal grottos of Tuscany, allow this pot to transport you and your guests to a refined and classic oasis. Medium-height plants such as palms might prefer this pot for its long roots, and the color of the pot will compliment any type of greenery. Its rounded edges and intricately detailed carvings add a tasteful touch. Since the pot is made from fiberglass, it can be kept either indoors or outdoors, free-standing, or outside near the street or near an entrance.

Our F2A urn planter comes in many different sizes to fit your space and needs. It is available in 20”x 24”. It is also available in colors black, grey, and white.