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Egg Pot

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Light Grey or Granite, Dark Grey or Graphite, Desert White

Available In Sizes:

Item # MN-01513″ x 10″
Item # MN-01516″ x 14″
Item # MN-01520″ x 16″


Are you looking for new round planters for your home? Fiberglass planters are available in matte black, terracotta, and grey. With these options, you can match your pot to any design you have in mind. These pots are great for indoor or outside settings and fit in any space. With handmade materials, our round planters look delicate but are very durable. Fiberglass planters will trick you because they are light but powerful. Making them easy to clean, hope up through any weather, and just beautiful to look at. The design of the egg pot makes for a versatile piece in any home or garden.
Available in the following sizes:
13″ x 10″
16″ x 14”
20″ x 16″