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Garland Urn


Available In Sizes:

8″ x 18″
12″ x 16″
18″ x 27″


What an unbelievable blue color around our garland urn. When we create our glazed pottery, it is difficult to tell how the creation will come out finished, but every day this urn comes out, it is prettier each time. The pottery will make for a fabulous conversation starter and house any plant you wish because of its fantastic color. Available in different colors. 

Our garland urn is available in a few sizes, 8”x18”, 12”x16”, and 18”x27”. It is easier for you to know which one will fit in your space and make the most sense with your decor with size options. Adding plants to your home is a must! Trust your gut and shop with Planter Resource for some unique pottery you have ever seen.