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Garland Urn

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Item # BT67822″ x 26″
Item # BT67817″ x 19″
Item # BT67811″ x 13″


The beautiful Garlan Urn is an excellent piece for any home. The terracotta color and neutral tones from this planter make it the perfect touch for any design you are trying to create. Our clay posts also cost less than concrete or plastic pottery. They are crafted from natural sources instead of machinery. 

The Garlan Urn is sturdy and makes for a fantastic indoor or outdoor decorative piece. You will not have to replace your clay pots as often. Because they are more durable and last longer than other pottery. This pot is available in the following sizes: 22″ x 26″, 17″ x 19″, 11″ x 13″. Adding a Garlan Urn to your design can be easy because it will match anything and allow you to add any color greenery to your style!