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Kiwi Green


Available In Sizes:

12″ x 12″ (holds 10″ grow pot)
16″ x 14″ (holds 14″ grow pot)
20″ x 17″ (holds 17″ grow pot)


First off, this kiwi green color pot is enough reason to buy it and add it to your garden. It is a fun piece and the perfect way to add something unique to your patio. When you are working on decorating your home, it is all about finding those pieces that stand out. The pottery that makes your eyes pop is the piece that you must bring home! 

Our kiwi green pot is always one of a kind. None of our glazed pottery comes out the same. Our customers must shop for different pottery and enjoy the pieces they bring home. The kiwi green is one of those pieces we want to produce and see everywhere. This pot is available in multiple sizes,12”x 12”, 16”x14”, 20”x17” for your convenience of adding such a beautiful piece to your design!