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Lattice Round

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Item # T26120″ x 18″
Item # T26114″ x 13″
Item # T26110″ x 9″


Our lattice round pot is one of a kind. The details on this piece of handmade decorative clay is not like something you can find elsewhere. Its terracotta color makes it such a soothing piece of pottery to look at. You will love having this pot in your home, you can move it from indoor to outdoor decor and add different plants inside to make it look different from time to time. Every piece is created a little bit different, making it truly your own. 

Once you add greenery to the lattice round it becomes even more personalized, making it one of the best terracotta planters offered. The size of this pot is 20”x18”. 14”x13”, 10”x9”. Having options is always nice because you may want to get more than one!