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Moka Scratch Bowl

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10″ BOWL
14″ BOWL


The Moka scratch bowl is perfect for your space. It has a very different shape, and it is one of a kind. A terracotta garden can brighten your plants and make your entire home look better. Sometimes you do not realize it until everything gets placed, but the Moka scratch bowl and its unique touches make all the difference. The Moka scratch bowl is available in two sizes, 10” and 14”. This is nice because it gives you more opportunity to work it into your space. 

This planter is just suitable for any color greenery you would like to add, allows for lots of space, and you can have more than one because it is a neutral color. Once you have a design in mind, considering the Moka scratch bowl is sure the way to go. Having a different piece from everyone you know is always something to brag about.