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U-Shape Pot



Matte Black, White

Available In Sizes:

Item # R108713″ x 13″
Item # R108716″ x 16″
Item # R108720″ x 20″ (Fits 17″ Grow Pot)


Planter Resource Inc. introduces the Fiberglass U-Shape Pot. 

Choose from either black or white matte finish options and enjoy wholesale prices available in New York City. This fiberglass U-Shaped Pot makes for a perfect outdoor planter with its lightweight design and durability. Planter Resource Fiberglass U-Shaped Pot is perfect for all your landscaping or gardening needs. 

This sophisticated, substantial piece gives your outdoor areas an unmistakable style boost. Its handcrafted, high-quality fiberglass construction makes it perfect for any landscape – durable enough to withstand the harshest weather conditions and a great way to bring impactful design elements into smaller terraces or rooftops. Skilled craftsmanship ensures it will last and look beautiful all season long!

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