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White Garden Standard Pot

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Available In Sizes:

5″ STD
6.5″ STD
10″ STD
12″ STD


Living life on the safe side with a standard pot is always an option. Our clay-based terracotta material is soft and easy on the eyes. A white garden standard pot will match any decor you already have and will allow you to add just about any greenery you choose! Our white standard pot comes in a few sizes ranging from 5” to 12”. Adding pots with greenery into your home can spruce up your home in more ways than one. 

The white garden standard pot is a good choice if you’re looking for a pot to base a fun plant that needs a home. If you have some loud plants in your life, and want some basic pots to house them, the white garden standard pot is just right for you. Let your plants tell you what kind of pot to get!