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Wholesale Purchases

Not only do we offer in person shopping at our fine New York City flower market retail location, we also offer wholesale shopping opportunities for your business! Shop exactly what, and how many you need, and give your business or your professional space the personal touch that it needs by buying in bulk from Pottery King. Pottery King offers a wide variety of Terracotta, Fiberglass, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cast Iron, Glassware and Ceramics imported from around the world. Whatever your business, our wide variety of potted planters have options to suit any landscape or architectural style.

Whether you are a top Manhattan interior designer, restaurant owner, or contractor - our wholesale pottery purchases are ideal for any bulk orders for your business. Add a touch of natural, earthy style in the potted planter of your choice. Match your style with a sleek and modern ceramic, a robust stone finish, or an outdoor cedar, and complement it with the plant to match your decor. Our planters are lightweight, versatile for indoor and outdoor use, and will match any existing decor. Whatever your profession, add some extra life to your space and enjoy wholesale pricing on our selection of imported planters.

Developers and Project Managers

Build your perfect design from the ground up to reflect your vision. Now it is time to add the finishing touches with our fine planters. Shop wholesale for bulk ordering and pricing to decorate every inch of your new project. Make your wholesale purchase from our wide variety of selections. Our planters are imported from around the world and come in a wide range of styles, colors, and finishes to match any architectural style. From a Spanish terracotta to an industrial fiberglass or cement, there is a look to complement your structure.

Design the Perfect Indoor/Outdoor Space

Create the perfect landscape or interior design. Our selection of wholesale potted planters will help you to design stunning visual displays to appeal to your clients and their customers. Create breathtaking rooftop gardens or add a natural touch to your indoor lounge, living room, or commercial space. You don’t have to be a decorator to have an eye for interior and exterior design. Wholesale potted planters are also ideal for realtors trying to dress up homes for showings, not to mention they make great closing gifts


Is your restaurant or hotel missing that factor to make it feel more like home? It is amazing what well placed potted plants can do! Dress up your lobby, dining areas, and common spaces with our versatile selection of imported planters. Create a mood to match your cuisine with our exotic selections. Dress up your hotel’s lobby with a modern looking fiberglass. Add color to your waiting area with majestic florals with perfectly matching planters. Potted Planters can be the perfect way to tie together your theme.

Any business owner can benefit from a wholesale planter purchase to brighten up their space. Whether you are in the construction industry, design, hospitality, or even real estate, we are your natural design and wholesale pricing solution.

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